Bread Making

Learn the craft of making bread at home.


You CAN do this!


I’ll walk you through how to make bread at home step by step. It’s really not that difficult once you know a few simple principles. Check out the video tutorials below for making either sourdough rounds or sandwich bread. You’ll be making bread in no time!

Download the Bread Making PDFs – step by step instructions and recipes as you follow along with the videos.

Two Types of Bread

There are two types of bread I teach you about – sourdough and instant yeast.

Download the PDFs (on the left) and watch the videos (click on a photo below to get to the videos).

Pick the one you’d like to begin with and let’s get started…

Sourdough Bread

(You can make Artisan Rounds OR Sandwich Bread)

Instant Yeast Bread

(You can make Artisan Rounds OR Sandwich Bread)

My Heart Behind This Bread Making Course

In this video I share what prompted me to film and share this bread making course with you.