Insights For Your Garden and Kitchen

Gardening and cooking don’t have to be complicated!

You CAN be successful with just a little bit of knowledge and I’d love to help you! The articles and resources
on this site will put the right tools and recipes in your hands so you can thrive in the garden and the kitchen. Welcome!

Fall Gardening Class Outline

If you’re joining us for the Fall Gardening class at the Elk Grove Community Garden, you can download the outline here!

Just click on the picture to the right or click HERE.


Over the years, calendula has become one of my favorite plants to grow both for my garden AND for me!  Check out this article to learn all about one of my favorite herbs and learn how to make a super simple calendula salve!



Bread Making Video Tutorials


You CAN make very tasty, healthy bread at home – it’s way easier than you think!

In a few videos, I walk you through the simple steps and ingredients (only 4!) you need to bake bread with instant yeast or sourdough.

You’ll be pulling a warm loaf out of your oven in no time!

5 Tips For Planting Tomatoes

Tomatoes are my favorite summer garden plant to grow!

After growing tomatoes for each of the past 15 years, I’ve learned a a thing or two about growing thriving tomato plants. This set of short videos reveals my favorite tips and tricks for planting tomatoes.

These 5 tips will help set your plants up for a successful growing season!