I’ll never forget when oldest son was finally old enough to understand and celebrate Christmas–I was so excited!  We started deciding what Christmas traditions we wanted with our boys and began doing some research.  I was surprised by how few resources were out there for children and families that focused on the real meaning of Christmas.  Not that I’m against Santa Claus and all his elves, but I wanted to focus our hearts on what Christmas was really all about- the birth of Christ. So, that’s how this page you see now as born!

The days leading up to Christmas (often referred to as Advent), is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The purest message of Christmas is love- God loved us so He sent His Son Jesus.  In the busyness of Christmas, sometimes we lose sight of what Christmas is really all about.  The heart behind this page is simple:  to help focus our hearts as we celebrate the season of when Love came near.

Here are some of the resources we offer here… We have a 25-day Advent journal (following 25 Christmas-centered scripture passages) to read yourself or with your family starting December 1st.  You can also download just the water-color icons that go with the devotional for a fun 25-day Advent countdown!  The heart of the story of Christmas is love:  Christ came because He loves us.  One of the greatest ways we can share His love, is by loving and serving those around us.  So we will be encouraging families to do intentional acts of kindness, which you can tailor to your family’s needs, during the season of Advent.  We have a list of ideas to get you started, but only you know the best ways to love those around you.  At the bottom of the page, we also have a list of our favorite children’s Christmas books.

We hope this page is a great resource for you and your family.  We will be adding more resources as the season goes on, so come back and visit us often! We hope you have a very merry and blessed Christmas as we celebrate the season when Love came near. Follow along on the Deeply Rooted Kids Facebook page and Instagram to see all the posts and updates this Christmas season.  Tag us is any pics you post using the hashtag:  #deeplyrootedkids.

Advent Devotional

25-Day Advent devotional

Christmas Kindness Ideas

75 acts of Christmas kindness

Water-Color Advent Countdown

25-Day Water-Color Advent Countdown

Christmas Blog Posts

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“The Star” Movie Review

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Christmas Book Recommendations