Fruit of the Month

December – Persimmons

Tis the season for persimmons! For many years, persimmons were a bit of a mystery fruit to me. My only memory of them was watching my grandmother make cookies with persimmons. They are a good source of fiber, high in Vitamin A (only 1 persimmon provides half of the recommended intake of Vitamin A), Vitamin C and antioxidants! All those vitamins you need to help fight cold and flu season!!

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November – Pomegranate

Not only are pomegranates amazing for your health, they taste sooo yummy! Kinda pesky to get the seeds (called arils) out though, yes? Not anymore! Check out our video about how to quickly get those arils out so you can get to the eatin’!

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October – Pears

Did you know that commercial pears are picked unripe and allowed to ripen off the tree? Pears that ripen on the tree are almost no good to eat!

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