Hello and welcome to Deeply Rooted Kitchen!  My name is Katie and I live in northern California with my wonderful husband and our two young boys.  I am a garden-to-table enthusiast!  If I have a free moment you can almost always find me digging out in the garden or stirring up something in the kitchen.

My love for gardening grew in the shadow of my Papa as I followed him around his backyard garden.  I savored every minute I had trailing behind him as we harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, tangerines and roses.   He always made it a point to envelope me in to whatever he was doing and his garden was never off limits, but rather a place to learn and explore and harvest.  Some of my greatest childhood memories were spent with my Papa in his garden.

My love for cooking began not long after I learned to walk in my mother’s kitchen.  From the time I was big enough to push a chair up to counter and climb on top, my mom put a wooden spoon in my hand and put me to work.  Hand-over-hand she taught me how to make piecrust, dinner rolls, sauces and more.  She taught me the lost art of taking time and making things from scratch.  Everything she makes is full of love and beauty.  She is, without a doubt, the best cook I know.

If you think you have a brown thumb or you don’t know how to boil water, I can help!  You don’t have to grow up on a farm or be a Food Network junkie- gardening and cooking don’t have to be complicated; if you have the right tools and the right recipe, you can be successful!

-Katie Neumann