This is your home for growing a flourishing garden this Fall!

Whether you’re a…

•first-timer wondering if you can do it (you CAN!),
•veteran looking to try something new
•brown thumb wanting to turn things around (again, you CAN!)

…here’s a proven plan to help you succeed! Dig into the following topics and watch your garden grow:

Garden Planning

This lesson covers the essentials for getting started right! You’ll learn about…

•The importance of Planting Zones
•Optimizing your space for gardening
•How Square Foot Gardening can maximize your space
•Making your plan
•Which plants really thrive in a fall garden

Before you launch, you want a plan. This lesson helps you make a great one!

Soil Care

Soil health is one of the MOST important aspects of a thriving garden! In this lesson, you’ll learn about…

•Vitamins for your plants
•Types of garden beds
•Synthetic vs. Organic fertilizers
•Demystifying soil conditioners
•When to condition and where to buy conditioners

We go deep – get it? 😉 – on this one, and you’ll learn a TON about setting up your plants for success.

Seed Starting 101

This lesson helps you start your plants from seeds! Whether or not you decide to go this route this Fall, you’ll learn all about the process of starting and cultivating plants from seed. We’ll cover…

•Why start plants by seed?
•Supplies you’ll need
•Seed options and where to buy them
•How to begin
•More behind the scenes tips and tricks!

After learning these things, you may just be inspired to go for it!

Pest Control

This lesson will help you win the battle with the pests in your garden! You’ll learn about…

•Synthetic vs. Organic pest control options
•Unique solutions in a home garden
•Fighting bugs with bugs
•How to deal with common fall/winter pests
•Favorite remedies for pest and bug control

This is a BIG problem that everyone deals with, BUT you’ll learn some easy ways to win the battle with those pesky, free-loading critters!

Plant Care

How do you care for you plants once you’re they’re growing in the ground? In this lesson you’ll the essentials for nurturing them to fruition. We’ll cover…

•All about planting
•Fertilizing and soil amending
•On-Going plant care
•When and how much to water

It’s not as tough as you might think to cultivate healthy, vibrant plants!