“The Star” Movie Review 


We took our boys to see “The Star” on Friday and I just thought I would give you my two-cents on the movie in case you were thinking of taking your kiddos. “The Star” is an animated movie telling the animals’ perspective of the first Christmas. Our family reviews: my husband and I both loved it, my 6-year old was riveted and loved it, but my 4-year old was a little scared at times and claims he didn’t like it.

At the end of the movie in the credits they state that, while they took an artistic approach to the telling of the story, they tried to stay very close to heart of the story of Jesus’ birth. I would completely agree with their statement. Hello- there are animated animals telling the story!   However, the heart of the message of Jesus comes through loud and clear. There is no offensive language, no characters with attitude, nothing inappropriate. It was a clean, sweet version of the Nativity with every Christmas song they could cram in 🙂

That being said, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The only scary part of the movie was that King Herod sent out a henchmen (of sorts) with two scary dogs to try and track down Mary as they are traveling to Bethlehem. They are right on Mary and Joseph’s heels through a good part of the movie. These are the characters that scared my 4-year old. However, the dogs’ character growth in the movie was probably my absolutely favorite part of the whole movie and what encapsulates the heart of the story of Christmas. Go see it- I won’t ruin it for you.
  • In our theater, there was a scary preview (PG-13 rated movie, at least). We actually had to take our boys out of the theater they were so scared.
  • It might be a little long for kiddos under the age of 4 (or I may just have a wiggly 4-year old).