Garden Plant-Out

Want someone else to put in your garden for you?
Yes! Come Plant It!

Do you find yourself short on time?  Want someone else to plant-out your garden for you?

Here’s what I can offer you to get you harvesting food in no time:

– Plant choices:  During our initial consultation I can help you think through what plants you’d like to grow this season!

-Garden Plant-Out Design:  Let me fuss over the design of where everything should get planted, taking into consideration sunlight, garden layout, etc.

– Shopping:  No time for shopping?  Let me do the plant shopping for you!  Prefer for me to meet you at the garden store and help you walk-through plant selection?  We can do that, too!

Plant-Out: Need help planting all those wonderful veggies and herbs?  I can do that, too!  I’ll make sure everything is planted out with the proper spacing, placement, organic amendments and mulch. Then all you have to do is care for your babies as they grow! Or I can help maintain them with my Garden Maintenance Service.

– Help Line: With all Garden Plant-Out services comes the Deeply Rooted Kitchen help line – my phone number/email to reach out anytime you have questions along the way!