Elk Grove Community Garden Fall Plant Sale 2021

Saturday, September 18 from 9AM to 1PM



Get your garden going this Fall and support the Elk Grove Community Garden at the same time!
We’ll have a large selection of plants lovingly grown from seed by our community gardeners. See you there!



The Details:

Where: The Elk Grove Community Garden at 10025 Hampton Oak Drive, Elk Grove, CA 95624.
When: Saturday, September 18 from 9am to 1pm

Payment: Cash, Checks, or Venmo @ElkGrove-CommunityGarden
Pre-Order/Curbside Pick-Up is available! You can text 916.818.9108 to pre-order for Curbside Pick-Up –
please do NOT Venmo payment until your order is confirmed via text.  Deadline for pre-orders is Wednesday September 15th.

Plants will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

The Garden will be accepting canned food donations for the Elk Grove Food Bank.

Below are the plants available for pre-order. More plants will be available in person at the sale (succulents, limited quantity veggies/flowers, etc.).

Prices:  $2 for Small pots, $3 Medium pots, $4 for 4-Packs, $5 large pots and 6-packs, others priced as marked

Jamba Juice BOGO!

We will also be selling Jamba Juice cards!  For $10, you get a punch card for 6 buy one get one free drinks at Jamba Juice!  Proceeds go to support the garden!!


Lettuce and Spinach


Red Sails


Description:  Butter lettuce with ruffled burgundy tinged leaves.  Produces large lettuce heads with a long winter harvest period.  Frost tolerant.  20-65 Days.  

Available in 4-packs

Lettuce, Lolla Rosa

Description:  This lovely variety offers frilly, flavorful leaves. A classic lettuce that produces perfect heads. Curly-leafed, ‘lollo’ type lettuces are thought to have been named after La Lollo, a nickname of the popular Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, with reference to her short, tousled hairstyle! Large lettuce heads!  30-40 Days.

Available in larger 6-Packs

Romaine, Red


Description:  Rouge d’Hiver, Red Romaine lettuce.  Known for its pretty red color, crisp leaves, good flavor and tolerance to cold and heat.  Also makes a beautiful, tender, baby green.  Frost tolerant.  20-65 days.

Available in 4-packs

Romaine, Green 


Description:  Parris Island Cos, Green Romaine.  Named for Parris Island off South Carolina, this old favorite romaine is crisp, sweet, delicious as a baby green, midsize or full-grown.  Frost tolerant.  21-68 days. 

Available in 4-Packs

Bibb Lettuce 


Description:  Bibb lettuces mature early as small, compact, bunched rosettes with large, ruffled outer leaves surrounding a soft, folded, blanched heart. Generally grown for mini heads, Bibb lettuces are known for their sweet flavor and tender texture. 52 days. 

Available in larger 6-Pack

Romaine Lettuce, Mini Bronze

Description:  Smaller, more compact bronze colored romaine heads, reaching only 8″ tall. Slow to bolt. Great for containers!  Mature in 21-40 Days.  

Available in large pots

Mesclun Lettuce Mix


Description:  A blend of different salad greens of all colors and shapes. Makes a great cut and come again salad mix.

Available in 4-Packs

Spinach, Bloomsdale

Description:  Open-pollinated savoy for spring and fall.  Medium-dark green leaves on upright plants make Bloomsdale easy to harvest. Heavily savoyed. Suited for early spring and fall plantings as it is fast growing. Also suitable for winter harvest. For full size and bunching. Great flavor.  30 Days.

Available in 4-Packs

Spinach, Green Beret

Description:  Making the most of your spinach plantings, this robust and substantial variety produces thick, broad leaves from both spring and fall cultivation. Regiment’s tolerance of cooler soils ensures strong germination and seedling performance in early spring, producing speedy crops of flavorful, dark green, arrowhead-shaped, semi-savoyed leaves. Late sowings yield excellent fall harvests. Slow to bolt.  37 Days.

Available in larger 6-Packs




Kale, Mustard and Greens


Dwarf Blue Curled Kale


Description:  Also called Dwarf Blue Curled Vates.  One of the most attractive fall garden vegetables, this heirloom is edible architecture! Alluring, compact plants produce densely-packed heads with finely-curled, crinkly, bluish-green leaves. Grows on compact plants.  55 days.  

Available in a small and medium pots

Ethiopian Kale


Description:  This dark leafy green that outcompetes kale in every way! Ethiopian Kale is tastier, less prone to insect damage. It’s actually a type of mustard green, but do not let that fool you. The flavor is superb! It’s mild, tender, not bitter and is sort of like a cross between kale and spinach.  It’s also prolific so give it space to grow and it produce all season long! 

Available in small pots

Lacinato Kale


Description:  Also known as dinosaur kale or Italian kale.  This unique heirloom’s thick crinkled leaves are a beautiful deep blue-green that is an absolute standout in the garden. Lacinato has a fine, sweet, full flavor; never strong or overbearing. This distinctive Italian favorite is both cold and heat tolerant in all climate zones. You can harvest big delicious bouquets of nutrition-packed, richly-colored leaves for months.  45 days.  

Available in small pots

Blue Ridge Compact Kale


Description:  Bonnie Plants.  Blue Ridge Kale is a hybrid, curled variety with increased production and early maturity. Crinkled leaves have a crisp texture and superb flavor.  Harvest from the outside leaves in for continued harvest all season long. 65 days.  

Available in a medium pots

Purple Kale


Description:  Bonnie Plants. Who knew that something so good for you could be beautiful, too? Purple Kale’s rich color and ornate, ruffled leaves make it a pretty addition to containers and garden beds. Pair it with cool season flowers, like violas, to create an interesting edible landscape. Sweeter and less bitter than traditional green kale, you’ll love how cool weather enhances purple kale’s flavor, texture, and color. Use this tasty, vitamin-packed super food in soups, bowls, salads, and your favorite recipes. 45 days.  

Available in large pots

Mizuna, Miz America

Description:  Burgundy, mizuna-type mustard glows with its rich pigmentation at every stage of growth. Deeply lobed and serrated leaves are crunchy and mild flavored for enjoying as baby greens or fully developed leaves. The plants grow vigorously and uniformly, and the beautiful pigment never wavers.  Harvest from the outside leaves in and it will continue to produce all season long.  30-40 Days.  

Available in a small pots

Swiss Chard, Ruby Red


Description:  ‘Ruby Red’ chard will beautify your garden as well as your plate! An 1850s vigorous grower with a long growing season, it will provide fresh greens from early summer into fall, and year-round in mild climates. Any size leaves can be steamed, stir-fried, added to lasagna, omelets, soups, and stews, and mixed with other greens. Good container variety.  Biennial; fairly cold tolerant. Will overwinter in mild climates and withstand light to moderate freezes.  50-60 Days

Available in small pot

Swiss Chard, Fordhook Giant


Description:  ‘Fordhook Giant’ is an old favorite with its broad, strong stems and large leaves packed with vitamins and minerals. A vigorous grower with a long growing season, it will provide fresh greens from early summer into fall, and year-round in mild climates. White stem varieties are generally more bolt and cold tolerant and more productive than colored stem varieties. Young leaves are great for salads.  Good container variety.  Biennial; fairly cold tolerant. Will overwinter in mild climates and withstand light to moderate freezes.  50-60 Days

Available in small pot

Gerogia Collard Greens


Description:  Georgia collards are prized for their sweet, cabbage-like flavor. Leaves are ruffled and blue-green. Leaves taste best when young. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Grows best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade and even appreciates it in spring in hot climates. Withstands cold weather; frost makes leaves sweet. Great for fall. 45 Days

Available in medium pots



Description:  Rosette Tasoi Bok Choy.  Believed to be of very ancient origin, the spoon-shaped, dark green, evenly spaced leaves make tatsoi a plant worthy to be grown for its decorative value alone! More nutritious (high calcium and vitamin content) and more flavorful (slightly mustard-like) than traditional bok choy; many consider it a superior flavor, and it is prized for its smooth texture. Very cold tolerant; withstands temperatures down to 15°F. Tatsoi can be harvested even when there is snow on the ground! Very attractive, spoon-shaped, dark green, thick leaves arranged in a rosette form. Soft texture.  Plants 4’6″ tall, 6-8″ wide.   45 Days

Available in small pots



Broccoli, Cabbage and Brussels


Broccoli, Early Dividend


Description: Great flavor and high yields, large 4-5″ deep green heads, develops earlier than other varieties.  After the main head is harvested, it will continue to produce large side shoots throughout the season.  45 Days.  

Available in small pots

Broccoli, Batavia 


Description:  Vigorous early broccoli with nutty sweet flavor. Large central heads are followed by multiple side shoots for extended harvests. Strong disease resistance and great garden performance. 62 Days.

Available in small pots

Broccoli, Bravado


Description:  High-yielding hybrid variety to reliably produce flavorful, tightly beaded, big, blue-green domed heads, followed by abundant crops of delicious side shoots to enjoy over a long extended season. Best of all, strong growing and disease-resistant new Bravado has excellent flavor and a crunchy texture. 60-65 Days. 

Available in small pots

Broccoli, Marathon


Description:  The tightly beaded heads make this broccoli the best for overwintering.  This late variety is highly tolerant to cold.  Late producer.  Also produces good side shoots.  68 Days. 

Available in small pots

Broccoli, Green Magic


Description:   Enjoy beautiful, smooth, medium-sized heads of blue-green broccoli. Plants are compact and grow quite well in containers. Don’t pull them once you’ve harvested the head, though, as plants will continue to produce lots of side shoots that are just right for snacking or sautéing. This variety has excellent heat tolerance, too. Plant in late summer for a fall harvest. 57 Days. 

Available in a medium pots

Broccoli, Emerald Jewel


Description:  Emerald Crown Broccoli is a widely-adapted hybrid that performs well in the warm to cool growing slot. Resistant to purpling and great for late fall plantings. Large, domed heads with fine beads. 60 Days. 

Available in medium pots

Cauliflower, Cheddar Orange


Description:  Bright orange heads.  This beautiful, early, orange cauliflower holds well in the field. It becomes an even brighter orange when lightly cooked. Market Cheddar alongside other specialty varieties for an irresistible combination. 57 Days.

Available in medium pots

Cauliflower, Minute Man


Description:  Minuteman Cauliflower is a hybrid cauliflower variety that performs well in the heat for late spring and early fall production.  Minuteman is an early-maturing variety.  65-70 Days.

Available in medium pots

Cauliflower, Graffiti Purple


Description:  Stunning dark purple heads.  Graffiti’s brilliant purple heads are a great draw at farm stands and excellent for CSAs and restaurants. The colorful florets are attractive served raw with dip or as a cooked vegetable. Graffiti produces a true cauliflower head on large plants. 80 Days.

Available in medium pots



Description: Romanesco’ is not actually a broccoli, but somewhere between a broccoli and cauliflower, with 5-6″ heads. First noted by Italians in the 16th century, it is now catching the eyes of gourmet chefs. Cooked, ‘Romanesco’ has a delicious nutty flavor and a texture similar to cauliflower. Will also produce side shoots after the main head is harvested.  75-100 days.

Available in small pots

 Romanesco, Veronica


Description:   Heads are lime green with pointed, spiraled pinnacles. Best planted in summer for harvest in the fall, or midwinter in mild climates. Plant 18″ apart to give the large plants adequate space. Slightly nutty, and more flavorful than white varieties. 78 days.

Available in medium pots

Cabbage, Red Express

Description:  Compact plants yield extra early production of solid, split-resistant oval heads weighing only 2-3 pounds.  53 days.  

Available in medium pots

Portuguese Cabbage

Description:  Portuguese Cabbage is also known as a a couve trochuda, Portuguese Kale or Sea Kale.  The green leaves are wide and large with thick midribs and stems growing up to 2 feet.  You can start to harvest the outer leaves when plants are at least 12″ tall. 75-80 Days.

Available in small pots

Brussels Sprouts, Long Island

Description:  Heirloom. The semi-dwarf plants are stocky with leaves closely spaced, so there are lots of tasty sprouts on the short, self-supporting stems. Introduced at the end of the 19th century, this was once one of the most important commercial varieties. Its still a great pick today.  90 days.  

Available in medium pots


Peas and Fava Beans


Snow Peas, Oregon Giant/Edible Pods

Description: Oregon Giant bears huge yields of sweet, exceptionally large, 5 inch crispy flat pods on sturdy short vines. These are the finest tasting, most vigorous snow peas you’ll find, bred at Oregon State University especially for fresh harvesting with sweet flavor and extra crunchy texture.  Must be grown on a trellis.  60 Days.

Available in small pots

Sugar Peas/Snap Peas, Sugar Daddy


Description:  If you’re looking for a genuinely stringless snap pea, Sugar Daddy is your man! The uniform plants are self-supporting and produce tender, sweet, 3 inch pods that are delicious in salads, stir-fries, or just straight off the vine.  The short plants reach only 24″-30″ tall and don’t need support; a short fence or trellis will make it easier to find and harvest the crunchy peas, though. 62-75 Days.

Available in small pots

Sugar Peas, Little Crunch


Description:  Bonnie Plants. The small but highly productive vines produce loads of sweet, crisp, delicious peas, perfect for your favorite recipes, steamed for a simple side dish, or eaten fresh in salads or as snacks. The shorter vines work beautifully in containers on the patio or balcony, or plant them in your veggie garden. Best of all, you’ll love the longer season with Little Crunch Snap peas—they stay sweet and tasty even as the weather warms!  Needs trellising. 

Available in medium pots


Onions and Leeks


Onions, Yellow Granex

Description:  Large, 3″–4″ yellow, flattened globe-shaped onions, crisp and sweet. ‘Yellow Granex PRR’ has resistance to pink root disease (PRR). The Granex-type onion is a hybrid cross between a round Grano onion and a flat Bermuda onion, and are said to be the sweetest of the super sweet onions.  Best grown from Fall to Spring.  Will become even sweeter after frost.  110-160 Days.  

Available in 4-Packs

Leeks, King Richard

Description:  Leeks’ mild but rich onion flavor and cold tolerance make them a favorite in home kitchens and gardens. This onion relative has compact stems that thicken but do not form bulbs like onions. ‘King Richard’ produces extra long white stems early. 18″–30″ tall. Under optimal growing conditions, the white part of ‘King Richard’ can be 12″ long, making the entire plant up to 30″ long.  Cold tolerant to 20°F and can be left in the garden for an extended harvest.  75 Days.

Available in 4-packs 

Green Onions/Scallions

Description:  Exceptionally cold-hardy scallions. Sow early spring through early fall for harvest well into winter. Little or no bulbing, though overwintering may result in bolting in spring. 65 Days.

Available in 4-packs 




Italian Flat Leaf Parsley


Available in small pots



Available in small pots

Assorted Herbs


We will have assorted herbs available the day of the plant sale in 1 gallon pots.  $5 each.  




Oktoberfest Calendula


Available in small pots

Strawberry Blonde Calendula


Available in small pots

Ivory Princess Calendula


Available in small pots

Yellow Calendula


Available in small pots

Assorted Flowers


We will have assorted flowers available the day of the plant sale, including some Bird of Paradise.  Priced as marked.   




Sweet Potato, White

Description:  White Sweet Potato slips.

Available in a 4″ Pots

Thai Ginger/Galangal


Description:  Galangal is also known as Thai ginger or Siamese ginger (because it resemebles ginger so much), but it really is its own ingredient.  It’s commonly found in Thai, Indonesian and Malayasian cooking.  The skin of galangal is smoother and paler than ginger and it’s flesh is much harder. 

Available in small pots

Berri Basket Pink Strawberries

Description:  Bonnie Plants.  Berri Basket Pink Strawberry’s showy, large pink flowers look like lovely wild roses—but they produce tasty, sweet berries all season long. This everbearing variety fills your garden with flowers and fruit from early summer until first frost. The abundant clusters of conical shaped berries will inspire your culinary creations, from classic shortcake topping to jams and jellies, or even homemade strawberry ice cream. Add these pretty plants to your veggie garden or grow them in containers just outside the kitchen for a healthy, convenient snack.

Available in large pots

Asian Long String Beans

Available in 4-Packs

Asparagus Fern Plants

Available in small pots

Assorted Succulents

We will have assorted succulents available the day of the plant sale.  They will be $3 each.